Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Monica 14 x 11 acrylic on gessoboard  SOLD
Monica was a very special commission -- a posthumous portrait of a lovely vibrant woman. Her devoted friend, who is also my dear friend, is giving this portrait to Monica's daughter. Friends are indeed life's treasures.

Here are some photos of the portrait in progress:

Preliminary drawing

Begin skintones


Start of hair

Begin background

Overall adjustments

Finished 14 x 11 acrylic on gessoboard


  1. What a beautiful and vibrant woman you captured. I enjoyed seeing the process and the close-up of the face let me admire your painterly strokes.
    I also enjoyed seeing the different backgrounds as you worked your way through to the final and perfect finish.
    Monica must have been way too young to leave this world. Tragic. Your friend's gift to the daughter will be truly treasured.

  2. How special that you can contribute something to Monica's legacy. I have no doubt that this portrait will be loved by her daughter. You captured such kindness in her eyes!

  3. Thank you, Julie. Your comments are so generous and always show your genuine interest in the work of others. In fact I'm often astonished by the degree of insight your words convey. Yes, you are right, this lovely woman left those who loved her far too soon.

    This was a challenging piece because I worked only from a photo and had never met Monica. I was not only pleased, but also very relieved when my friend exclaimed "You've got her!"

  4. What a lovely comment, Kaethe. Thank you. You have completed many absolutely beautiful commissions, so I know you understand both the challenge they present as well as the satisfaction they provide. It's always special when someone selects one of our paintings, but you are right, portraits are an even more intimate connection.