Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A. P. Cockburn

A. P. Cockburn 20 x 16 oil on stretched canvas  SOLD
This blog is primarily a chronical of my daily paintings, but I thought I'd occasionally include a larger work.

Alexander Peter Cockburn (1837-1905) is one of a group of eight portraits that I painted from small, grainy, black and white archival photos. The paintings depict individuals who shaped the early history of Gravenhurst -- the Muskoka town my husband and I moved to several years ago -- and I'm very proud to have these portraits permanently installed in the town hall.

A.P. Cockburn founded the Muskoka Lakes Navigation Company. His steamships opened the entire region to the settlers, lumbermen, sportsmen -- and ultimately to the tourists who remain vital to its present-day economy.

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