Monday, August 31, 2015

Mary McBride

Mary McBride 10 x 16 oil on stretched canvas  SOLD
It's a great source of pride to me that I have eight historical portraits permanently installed in the town hall of Gravenhurst, the small Muskoka town where I now live.  Among them is this painting of Mary McBride (1880-1965). She looks a bit stern here, but was apparently much-beloved by her students. Born in Muskoka, Mary taught for 50 years, beginning in 1899 and continuing until her retirement in 1948.

Gravenhurst's first schoolhouse was built in 1864. It was a one-room log building and its seventeen students sat on rough wooden planks.  The young women who taught in such schools were pioneers indeed.

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  1. What an experience to have your work in a prominent setting! How wonderful to be connected to such rich history as well! This is a great portrait that shows your great skills!