Monday, September 28, 2015


Self Portrait 18 x 14 oil on stretched canvas  NFS

This is a self-portrait I painted a few years back. I’m posting it today to commemorate that 20 years ago this month an organ donor saved my life. 

I had been diagnosed with terminal liver disease of unknown origin, and given only a year to live. My only hope of survival was to receive a transplant. Getting that transplant, however, was far from a sure thing. Then, just as today, patients frequently died waiting for transplants.

I was one of the lucky ones. Thanks to an anonymous donor family I received a gift beyond measure. I remember that family's selfless courage each and every day. Even as they suffered the devastating loss of someone they loved, they thought of others. I try to savor every day. Painting is one way I do that. Working to promote organ donation is another.


  1. Donor organs are a miracle! So happy that you were able to receive life! So happy that you are here, painting!

  2. This is a lovely tribute to the gift organ donors generously give. My sister needed a liver too, but passed on before one came available so I was especially happy to read this post.
    Your painting is strong and very meaningful.

  3. I'm deeply touched by your comment, Julie, and so very sorry to learn that your sister was not as fortunate as I was. Whenever I can, I try to highlight the profound importance of organ donation. I posted this painting primarily for that purpose, but receiving your kind praise is a lovely bonus. Thank you.