Friday, March 25, 2016

Portrait of Tom

Tom 10 x 8 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas  NFS
This is a portrait of Tom, painted as a gift for his birthday this weekend. Please keep it to yourself -- it's a surprise.

Here are some progress shots -

Light sketch in dilute acrylic paint

Begin to place darks

Define shadow side of face

Delineate features

Add midtones/further refine features

Cover rest of canvas to judge balance of color

Add more midtones and begin lights

Balance and refine fleshtones
Final portrait 10x8 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas


  1. This is a jaw dropper for sure!
    I am truly amazed at how good this one is. Only because usually professional portrait painters do nothing but portraits, and you obviously can paint a variety of subject matter at a top level.
    This looks just like the photo for sure and I get the impression I would like Tom very much.
    I enjoyed following your process steps and seeing the finessing bringing it to its final amazing likeness. As I said - a jaw dropper!

    1. Had to wait 'till my feet touched the ground before answering. What wonderfully generous compliments; I'm truly touched. Praise from you is treasure indeed!

  2. What a sensational portrait! The progress shots were so interesting to see. I'm sure Tom absolutely loved the painting.

  3. What kind words! Thank you so much, Helen. I'm really enjoying your cricket players. You capture them to perfection.