Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Visitor

The Visitor 16 x 14 oil on stretched canvas  NFS
This is one of my gallery-sized paintings, done from the same photo as "The Sentinel." We are fortunate to have a wonderful variety of birds visit our backyard to enjoy a drink at the birdbath. I loved the way this crow's feathers caught the light and managed to grab a photo.


  1. Oh Helene - I really, really love this one. The light hitting the crow is so dramatic, I can see why it caught your eye. The light on the tree is a perfect secondary focus. Yes...this one is a winner!

  2. Thank you Julie. I'm so pleased you like this, especially as you are a fellow bird-lover. I enjoy all the visitors to our yard at this time of year, but the crows are a favorite -- so intelligent and striking to look at.

    Your painting of roses today is beautiful, and I'll be responding to your thoughts on your blog.