Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Too Big for the Bowl

Too Big for the Bowl 8 x 8 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas  SOLD
Just the fragrance of strawberries conjures up summertime for me, and they are abundant here right now. This 8"x8" acrylic is painted on 1.5 inch deep gallery wrap canvas, so it can be displayed unframed. Here are a couple of progress shots...


  1. Nice composition and use of contrast. Great painting for what's in season!

  2. Those are beautifully painted strawberries, Helene - so juicy looking. I agree with Kaethe, above, a very nice design and the title is perfect. I think a small but special area is where you painted the wonderful strawberry reflections.

  3. Thank you, Kaethe. So gratifying to get a compliment from you!

  4. Great to have you back, Julie. As ever, you're posting luscious paintings and giving generous support to your chums! Thank you.

  5. Strawberries are so challenging & you nailed it! Great job.

    1. Thank you, Patricia. It's kind of you to comment, and you're right, strawberries are tricky. Your peach pie was delicious-looking; made me crave ice cream, too!