Thursday, February 04, 2021

End of Day SOLD


 12x12 oil on gallery wrapped canvas

This was one of my paintings that had been at Martin's Gallery in Bracebridge, and it found a home just before Christmas. I was especially pleased because some nice new folks have recently purchased the gallery (which is also a wonderful framing and art supply shop) and this was their first artwork sale!  

I was recently reminded by a lovely fellow artist that I've rather neglected my blog.  I admit that's true, although I have tried to keep up with my artist friends and followers through Facebook and Instagram.  Both of these platforms have their pros and cons, and if I'm honest I prefer my blog even though it has perhaps been overshadowed by the other two.

Anyway, to those of you who still enjoy this more leisurely dialog, thank you for connecting with me here.  I hope you are all staying safe and well during this dreadful time -- and to my artist pals:  "happy brushstrokes!"


  1. Congratulations on the sale of this BEAUTIFUL painting, Helene. Always wonderful to hear.
    I still use my blog and I’m on Facebook as well posting my art. I enjoy FB but it was a bit too political but now it seems to be a little better! I’m glad to see you back!!!!!

    1. Hi Hilda, How lovely to hear from you. I've just been catching up on your blog posts and will be going back to comment on your lovely work. I was saddened to hear you'd lost your little dog, but happy to see you've found another wee companion -- our dogs enrich our lives so much! Awfully pleased to know your keeping safe and well, and send warmest regards!

  2. It is great seeing this painting again. You really captured the light so beautifully. Glad to see you have linked your comment link back to your blog. Easy for me to stop by!
    Have a great week my friend.

  3. Thank you Julie, and thanks for reminding me that our blogs are worth keeping up. My production of paintings has slowed over the past few months, but I hope to remedy that soon. I always enjoy your blog posts, dear chum!