Sunday, December 08, 2019

Still Life in Cobra Oils

Still Life in Cobra Oils 8x8

It has been a while since my last post.  Some health hiccups have gotten in the way and slowed me down somewhat.  Although I have been painting, I've not been at my easel as regularly as I'd have liked. Happily, my larger gallery paintings have been doing well, but my smaller "daily" paintings have been few and far between.

This 8x8 still life on gessoboard is one of the first I have painted with Royal Talens Cobra brand water-miscible oils. These rich buttery oils are a great alternative for painters who, like me, want to avoid solvents. In the past, I had  tried other w-m paints and found their consistency imperfect.  Often rather dry and stiff, they required medium to increase the flow.  The Cobra paints, however, very closely resemble conventional oils right from the tube.  I still love my acrylics, but it's so nice to have a slower-drying option.

The subject is one I have painted several times, in both oil and acrylic paint.  All previous incarnations have been sold, however, and I wanted one for myself -- this is the result.